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    Frac Tank Berms


    Frac Tank Berms provide on-site secondary spill containment that help address environmental compliance concerns commonly found in industrial and petrochemical sectors, as well as municipalities and transportation industries.


    fractank berms for prevention of spills when storing fluids on-site

    frac tank spill berms prevent environmental contamination

    Frac Tank Berms protect against unexpected leaks and spills while helping to avoid expensive fines and clean-ups.

    Typical Applications

    • Frac tanks and liquid storage tanks

    • Pumps and generators

    • Industrial equipment fuel containment

    • Roll-off containers

    • Vacuum and dewatering boxes

    • Decontamination and hydro blasting

    • Tanker trucks

    • Drum storage

    frac tank berm with water truck

    aluminum L-brackets for spill containment berm sidewalls


    • Cost-effective containment

    • Lightweight, portable, and reusable

    • Standard 40 mil low-density polyethylene

    • U.V. and chemical resistant

    • Easy to store and set up

    • Various sidewall options

    • Stock and custom sizes available


    Stock or Custom

    Our stock Frac Tank Berms include the following sizes: (dimensions in feet)

    4 x 4 x 1

    6 x 6 x 1

    6 x 10 x 1
    8 x 8 x 1

    8 x 14 x 1

    10 x 10 x 1

    10 x 18 x 1

    10 x 30 x 1

    10 x 50 x 1

    12 x 12 x 1

    12 x 16 x 1

    12 x 25 x 1

    12 x 30 x 1

    12 x 50 x 1

    30 x 50 x 1


    Frac Tank Berms can be custom fabricated to any length or width with either 1 or 2-foot high side walls. Alternative material options are also available.


    Track Mat Protection

    Track mat, or track belting, is recommended for preventing abrasion when loading fractanks, pumps, or vehicles in or out of your berms.

    Standard width options include:

    • 30" width

    • 60" width

    We also offer custom widths.

    spill berm track mat protection

    spill berm underlayment to protect against punctures

    Underlayment Options

    Underlayment offers additional protection by preventing punctures through the underside of your Frac Tank Spill Berm. We have underlayment in stock and ready to ship today.


    Underlayment Materials:

    • Heavyweight geotextile cloth

    • 18 oz. vinyl

    • 20 mil reinforced polyethylene

    • 60" track belting

    We also carry replacement aluminum L-brackets, and Frac Tank Berm repair tape.